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SPN HERBs HEALTH & WELLNESS resource center

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High Blood Pressure-


Elevated Cholesterol


Constipation-is understood as having difficult or infrequent bowel movements. The transit time or peristalsis  of the colon /digestive system in therefore slow.  There are several herbs that are helpful.

 Cascara Sagrada, LBS II are just some choices.  However some people may have a problem with constipation due to a spastic colon. In this case try large doses of magnesium (500 to 1000 mg) with no calcium supplements will often help.   Water is also an important mineral and must be offered  on a regular bases during the course of the day. Other helpful remedies are castor oil packs which also helps arthritis, colds cysts, flu ,ulcers and more. To see how to apply a castro oil pack click on the green button and visit us at the shop to purchase.    

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