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      Healing Herbs


Healing Herbs

This week I am going to focus on a formula commonly used for Hypertention ( high blood pressure).

                                                                                                        "Blood  Pressurex"

Information will follow

Next I will focus on Allergies and Sinus concerns :  ALJ is the herb that I choose

AlJ  is a combination of four different herbs that is one of our all around formulas for almost every type of respiratory

problem,including sinus problems, allergies, hay fever, pneumonia,cough and chronic sinus congestion. This herb works well

on the Bronchials, Digestive system, Lungs ,Lymphatic system,Mucus membranes,Sinuses, Small intestines and Thymus. My

Grand daughter loves it.

Astragalus Is a wonderful adaptagen herb  that has been used for centuries  in chinese traditional  medicine. The chinese use it as a tonic for persistent infections and chronic ulcerrations, It helps wih night sweats , chi deficiency(fatique, weakness,loss of appetite} and diarrhea. It helps to balance and increase immune function and has been used for viral diseases frequent colds, Aids and cancer.  One chinese trial found that Astragalus could balance an over active immune function in people with lupus, an autoimmune disease. Astragalus  also alleviates the adverse effects of steroids. An interesting use for Astragalus is to reduce blood agglutination when eating foods that are an avoid for a persons blood type.